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“I like PhantomALERT. It’s a great program.” VA Beach Police,0,5954613.story

“ PhantomALERT is completely legal.” Virginia Police,0,5954613.story

“Police did not have a problem with PhantomALERT” Montgomery, MD Police

“Anything that helps people slow down… we are in favor of it” Maryland Police

“Great idea” Albuquerque Police

“If it is alerting the driver there is camera ahead and actually gets the driver to slow down… be aware of the speed limit and also be aware of the speed limit and also be aware not to run that red light… that’s a great idea.” New Mexico Police

“Police don’t have a problem with it.” WTKR,0,5954613.story

“Local police chief say they have no problem with another way to make drivers more careful.” St Louis Police

“Sgt. Tim Burrows, a Toronto traffic officer, says PhantomALERT essentially does the same thing that police do before a photo radar blitz or a crackdown on impaired driving. By advertising the locations of photo radar and check stops, the system encourages its users to avoid drinking and driving, or slow down in the area.”  Toronto Star

"[GPS systems] are perfectly acceptable," said Lucille Baur, a spokeswoman for the Montgomery County Police Department. "We have no desire to hide the location of these cameras."  Ms. Baur said road signs already warn drivers about the cameras. Montgomery uses red-light cameras and speed cameras on residential roads where the speed limit is 35 mph or lower.
Monday, June 8, 2009


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Reviews by the media ...

“Now you can spot cameras before they spot you.”


Police did not have a problem with the devices”

FOX TV Pennsylvania

“PhantomAlert detected camera after camera”

USA Today

“New technology has come out … helps you find out when to slow down”


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