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PhantomALERT In The News
New GPS System Helps Drivers Avoid Red Light Cameras E-mail
There are a range of options, including one that tells drivers an upcoming intersection is armed with cameras. (NBC News)

From NBC News:

As more red light cameras pop up, so does new technology that can help drivers avoid getting a ticket.

Gary Laing is selling the new red light warning systems.

Beaverton Upgrades Traffic Cameras E-mail

beavertoncamlights.jpgBEAVERTON, Ore. - If you drive in Beaverton, watch out for those red-light cameras.

The city started using them in 2001. Since then, Portland also started installing them at key intersections.

But Beaverton has stayed ahead of the curve by installing newer, higher-resolution cameras that let police get a close look at drivers' faces. That makes it harder for them to argue that it wasn't them who was behind the wheel. The newer cameras also make it easier to spot other features of the vehicle.

On the way to Oprah: Go local to publicize a new product E-mail
No driver likes getting a traffic ticket. No driver likes getting caught in a speed trap. PhantomAlert solves both problems. It is a breakthrough product, no seen since early radar detectors, which is a GPS based speed trap and red light camera alert system. PhantomAlert is a GPS unit that alerts drivers when they are approaching red light cameras, speed cameras or old school police manned speed traps. Portable and easy to operate, the GPS receiver is loaded with over 23,500 locations. When plugged into the car lighter, it alerts motorists to slow down to avoid having their picture taken by a camera and getting a $300 to $600 ticket in the mail a week later. Drivers who already own a GPS unit like a Garmin or TomTom can download the PhantomAlert database onto their own GPS system. So, whether used as a stand-alone alert system or as a supplement to an existing GPS, PhantomAlert is a terrific product, safe, legal and very affordable but like all terrific products -- nobody can buy it if they don't know that it is there.
Photo Radar Gadget And Plastic Work Seat Make Life Worth Living E-mail

by Jim Bray

Whether high tech or low tech, there's a gadget for just about every occasion these days. It seems that, wherever there's a need perceived, there's an inventor who wants to fill it.

Two car-related cases in point are the "non radar" radar detector from PhantomAlert and the Rugged Roll Work Seat from Step2, two decidedly different solutions to very different challenges, but both of which are pretty cool ideas.

NBC4: Red Light Cameras Where Are They? E-mail
By Angie Hissong, Aug 23, 2008

CENTRAL OHIO--Even the best drivers have been faced with the split second decision of whether to stop when a light is turning from yellow to red. You either, A—run through the light and risk getting caught by a camera installed at the intersection (or a real life police officer watching the light) or B—slam on the brakes and hope no one rear ends you. Now motorists in North Texas and soon across the nation can get help with that decision.

FOX-PA: Gadgets in Cars Help Ease Pain at the Pump E-mail

Everybody's fed up with the high price of gas and probably sick of hearing about them. It doesn't seem like there's much we can do about the soaring prices, but maybe we can make our rides a little more enjoyable.

We all love our gadgets. As the technology keeps getting better and everything becomes smaller and smaller, more of these gadgets are finding their ways into our cars.

Here are some of the latest and coolest devices we can take on the road with us.

Electronic House: GPS That Can Get You Out of a Ticket E-mail

Inforad's PhantomAlert spots speed traps and red-light cameras across the U.S. and Canada.

 June 23, 2008 | by Rachel Cericola

I’ve had one ticket in my driving career. That’s one too many.

While the solution might be to just slow down, others might benefit more from the PhantomAlert system.

Turn your GPS into a speed trap detector E-mail
Getting a speeding ticket on your vacation is the last thing you need to worry about this summer, so a website called has compiled a speed trap database with over 3,400 locations in the U.S. and Canada known to have red light cameras or speed camera detectors. There are plenty of speed trap databases out there, but this one lets you download all that data to your existing navigation system.

The data can be imported to Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, and other compatible devices via a USB cord, so the next time you're in or around areas known to have speed traps, your GPS unit will alert you with both visual and audio warnings. Users are encourage to upload additional sites to keep the database and their GPS device updated.

It looks like you can download the speed trap database for free, and use it for free for one year. Afterwards, USA Today, says you have to pay $25 for an annual subscription which probably includes free updates. If you don't have a GPS unit, you can purchase one through the site and get free updates for life that include alerts of new or deleted sites.

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“Now you can spot cameras before they spot you.”



“If it is alerting the driver there is camera ahead and actually gets the driver to slow down… be aware of the speed limit and also be aware of the speed limit and also be aware not to run that red light… that’s a great idea.”

New Mexico Police


“Police did not have a problem with the devices”

FOX TV Pennsylvania


“PhantomAlert detected camera after camera”

USA Today


“New technology has come out … helps you find out when to slow down”


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  • Red Light Cameras
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