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koat-7.jpgLaw Enforcement Skeptical

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- It's the sixth sense many people wish they had: knowing when cops and red light traffic cameras are right around the corner.

Phantom Alert is software that claims to help avoid tickets by alerting the user when there are red light cameras, speed traps or dangerous curves ahead. The software can be downloaded to any GPS device or smartphone.

Ronald MacRall spent $80 on a lifetime membership to Phantom Alert and said the money for the membership is well worth the savings in tickets.

"At best, it lets me know where the red light cameras are," said MacRall. "I'm not saying I don't travel fast, but it makes you aware. This one place, it saved me like $100-$150."

Website helps drivers avoid tickets E-mail

wavy_dot_com_logo.jpgNORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) - If you own a GPS or a smartphone, the latest technology to help you avoid getting expensive traffic tickets is literally a download away.

GPS tracking is designed to make driving more safe, but it also has the power to alert you to areas that could cost you if you break a traffic law. There are a few similar systems, but the one tested is called Phantom

Retired firefighter and Newport News resident Dennis Ricketts offered to take the system through its paces. Like thousands of other drivers, Ricketts doesn't drive anywhere without his GPS. But Dennis said that's not because he is afraid of getting lost.

Dennis' GPS is armed with something others are not. The GPS tracking system, called Phantom Alert, that he downloaded more than a year ago, started working immediately.

"Alert, red light camera ahead," the GPS said.

"Phantom Alert" Helps Drivers Avoid Tickets E-mail

wftv_logo_9.jpgCENTRAL FLORIDA -- Red light cameras, speed traps, DUI checkpoints, some local drivers said they'll never get a ticket for any of them again. They say, it's because of special tracking on their GPS.

Leslie Mangali has never been pulled over.

"I intend to keep it that way," he said.

Mangali found a legal way to avoid tickets. He can spot traffic cameras before they spot him. He also knows where police tend to hide all through Central Florida.

"It's alerting me to a speed trap. A cop car is ahead," he said.

Leslie's GPS unit gives much more than directions. He downloaded a program called “Phantom Alert.”

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“Now you can spot cameras before they spot you.”



“If it is alerting the driver there is camera ahead and actually gets the driver to slow down… be aware of the speed limit and also be aware of the speed limit and also be aware not to run that red light… that’s a great idea.”

New Mexico Police


“Police did not have a problem with the devices”

FOX TV Pennsylvania


“PhantomAlert detected camera after camera”

USA Today


“New technology has come out … helps you find out when to slow down”


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  • Red Light Cameras
  • Speed Cameras and
  • Speed Traps Near You!

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