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FREE at PhantomAlert: Unit comes preloaded with 140,000+ Red Light Camera, Speed Camera and Speed Trap database. US/Canada. Valued at $120.00. Free update for 6 months.

Travel worry free with TomTom. The new GO 720 is the slimmest TomTom ever. With a 4.3" touchscreen and award-winning software, it puts the power of GPS in a portable, lightweight device. Switch on and go right out of the box. Spoken turn-by-turn instructions including street names guide you along. 

Enjoy preloaded maps of the US and Canada and millions of points of interest like gas stations, ATMs, hotels and more. The GO 720 makes driving safer with handsfree calling, school zone and speed limit warnings, and access to emergency resources. Customize your TomTom! With MapShare technology, make instant changes to street names, street directions and POIs. Record your own voice for personalized navigation instructions; even add recognizable branded POIs to help you to find your favorites quicker. Access smart extras like real-time traffic, 5-day weather forecasts and celebrity voice downloads.

No activation, no monthly fees, it's that easy!

Easy to use & Future Proof:

  • Plug & GO: works right out of the box
  • 4.3" touchscreen and award-winning software
  • Portable: pocket-sized device
  • Preloaded maps of US and Canada on internal memory. No SD card required
  • Text-to-speech: spoken turn-by-turn instructions, including street and place names
  • Branded point-of-interest icons: easily find your favorite coffee shop, gas station, hotel and more
  • iPod compatible: see, select and play songs
  • Future Proof: never be out of date; easy access to the latest maps & upgrades via TomTom HOME

Smart Navigation

  • TomTom MapShare technology: modify street names, street direction and POIs on your own map. Easily share and download other users' verified changes
  • QuickGPSfix feature: fast and accurate positioning and route calculation
  • Bluetooth: hands-free calling
  • "Help Me!" features for emergency resources, speed limits and school zones
  • Built-in FM transmitter plays MP3s and spoken turn-by- turn instructions over car stereo
  • Access to real-time traffic, weather, and more

Unique TomTom Map Share Technology

The TomTom GO 720 introduces TomTom's unique new map improvement technology, TomTom Map Share. This technology enables drivers to easily and instantly improve their own maps. TomTom Map Share users will always have the most accurate and up-to-date information available. The technology also enables users to share improvements and benefit from all other users' improvements daily, automatically and easily via TomTom HOME - TomTom's free desktop application. TomTom has the world's largest satellite navigation community with over 10 million users. TomTom Map Share users can contribute and exchange all their improvements amongst each other, making the best maps available for all of them. TomTom Map Share means TomTom drivers can always have the most up-to-date maps and inside local knowledge at their fingertips.

New Safety Features

Safety is a key priority in the development of all TomTom products. The new TomTom GO comes with uniquely designed safety features so drivers always have direct access to safety and roadside assistance information wherever they go. The extensive "Help Me!" menu includes information such as the nearest police station, hospital or car repair service center. It also allows the user to quickly identify their location for emergency assistance providers. Another new safety feature is the shortcut menu, so drivers can jump straight to their favorite, most accessed information with just one touch on the screen for even easier and safer navigation (see separate press release for more information on the extensive safety features).

Enhanced Hands-Free Kit

The enhanced hands-free kit features a new high-quality sound system via Bluetooth. With optimized acoustic design, enhanced noise reduction, echo cancellation and an automatic answer function, the TomTom GO 720 ensures drivers can make and take calls easier while keeping their eyes on the road.

TomTom HOME and TomTom PLUS

As with all TomTom products, the new TomTom GO 720 comes with TomTom HOME, a free desktop application. TomTom HOME is the essential tool to keep devices up-to-date at all times. Customers can easily download new software versions as well as the latest maps. TomTom's large satellite navigation community can contribute and exchange their map corrections with each other through TomTom HOME, making the most accurate maps available to all users. In addition, the new TomTom GO 720 comes pre-installed with a host of other TomTom PLUS services including TomTom Weather and TomTom QuickGPSfix (for extra fast connection between the devices and GPS satellites). Users can also shop for more services and prepare for trips on their computer.

Traffic Ready

The new TomTom GO 720 offers the latest and most up-to-date traffic information through an RDS-TMC Traffic receiver (not included, see "Accessories" tab) and TomTom Traffic subscription (not included), making driving more efficient and stress-free. The enhanced traffic interface monitors current traffic information and gives precise details about traffic incidents.



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