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Only $89.99 with FREE Shipping, FREE Database, and FREE e-Book

Unit comes preloaded with US/Canada Red Light Camera, Speed Camera and Speed Trap database.

No more traffic tickets. The all new PhantomALERT GPS Red Light Camera, Speed Camera and Speed Trap Warning System is designed to help protect you and your license. It uses GPS technology to warn you of known photo enforcement locations and traditional police speed traps. It comes with all known US/Canadian enforcement locations. It's completely road legal in all 50 states and Canada. It’s easy to use – simply place it on your dashboard and plug it in. It is the biggest breakthrough since radar detectors. No more surprises waiting for you in your mail box or around the bend.

The red light speed camera and speed trap GPS location database we use is the most accurate in the world. It is developed by divers helping drivers. Every location is either contributed by a drivers who has intimate knowledge about camera/speed trap location and verified by other drivers. You can help too. Do you know of any camera or speed trap locations? Have you gotten a ticket recently? Well show us where and we will add it to the database. If your location is already marked then verify it. Click here to see camera/speed trap database.

  • With full multicoloured LED and audible warnings of known Red Light, Speed Cameras and Speed Traps.
  • The new PhantomAlert GPS also alerts you to excessive speed and enforcement fcamera zones - helping you avoid costly traffic tickets - it will save your license.
  • Including FREE subscriptions / updates for 12 months and coverage of US, Canada and most of Europe.
  • Using Satellite technology, the PhantomALERT GPS V3 pin points your exact location on the road - and hence provides advance warning of Red Light, Speed Cameras and Speed Traps throughout the US, Canada and most of Europe.
  • PhantomALERT GPS then checks your position against a database of known enforcement locations and accident locations, warning you of approaching risk areas. PhantomALERT GPS warns you before you enter the approaching risk area and also warns you if you are speeding in that area. Thus, allowing you to concentrate on driving - not on cameras and speed traps!!

Cool Features. It Works!

Simple to use
A simple 'traffic light' stylesystem warns you of any impending dangers. It uses a combination ofgreen, yellow and red LEDs and audible beeps to inform you that you areapproaching a risk area or an accidental black spot.

Main Features

  • No installation needed - simply plug into your cigarette lighter
  • System warns you automatically with audible and visual alerts to reduce your speed
  • Simple, easy to understand LED and adjustable audible alarms
  • Add your own risk areas to the database
  • Coverage of US, Canada and most of Europe
  • Database updated via simple Internet connection (USB lead supplied)
  • Free updates for a year!
  • NMEA-0183 v2.0 compatible
  • Risk areas are continually updated by the PhantomALERT GPS team on the ground and by customers like you! 
1. PhantomALERT GPS knowsyour position and exact speed by using the network of GPS satellites.

Inforad-01.gifGPS is short for Global Positioning System. It isa world-wide navigation system that sends out radio signals from 24 satellitesorbiting the earth.

GPS receivers such as PhantomALERT GPS use these satellitesignals to define their position to within a few metres and to calculate theexact speed of your vehicle.

The technology involved is highly reliable and isused all round the world. Your PhantomALERT GPS is capable of tracking 12 GPS satellitessimultaneously and it only needs 3 to get a 'fix'.

2. PhantomALERT GPScontinually checks your position against its database of speed camera locationsi.e. risk areas.

Your PhantomALERT GPS knows where you are and your exactspeed at all times through its radio connection to the GPS satellite network.

Drawing on the database saved in its memory, yourPhantomALERT GPS calculates the distance to the next risk area. This enables its alertsystem to issue a warning before you reach the risk.

PhantomALERT GPS uses the industry standard database of USA, Canada(and most of Europe) fixed speed cameralocations and accident black spots.

You can add your own locations and you can updateits database by a simple internet connection.

3. PhantomALERT GPS warns youbefore you enter a risk area.

Inforad-03.gifYour PhantomALERT GPS calculates the distance to the nextrisk area. As you approach, the alert system issues a warning before you reachthe exact location of the risk.

PhantomALERT GPS will warn you in plenty of time by givingan alert further away if you are travelling at a higher speed.

As you enter the risk area, your PhantomALERT GPS warns youif you are travelling above the permitted speed limit.

4. PhantomALERT GPS is roadlegal and easy to use, simply place it on your dash and plug it in.

Inforad-04.gifYour PhantomALERT GPS uses GPS technology so is 100% roadlegal. It is designed to warn you of risk areas to help you observe trafficlaw.

Your PhantomALERT GPS does not detect the presence of, or cause interference to, Doppleror mobile laser radar speed traps so will remain legal when the new RoadTraffic Bill becomes law - unlike many other road safety devices currently onthe market.

A series of coloured LED's and audible bleeps(adjustable) inform you that you are approaching a camera location.

Your PhantomALERT GPS also allows you to record anypersonal risk areas you come across during your travels. If you encounter a newspeed camera, simply hold down the right hand function key and the location ofthe camera will be recorded on your PhantomALERT GPS for future use.

5. PhantomALERT GPS comesready to use straight out of the box.

Inforad-05.gifYour PhantomALERT GPS comes ready to use straight out ofthe box. Simply place it on your dashboard close as possible to the windscreen.

Plug its power cable into your cars cigarettelighter and your PhantomALERT GPS is ready to go. Your PhantomALERT GPS can also change colour tosuit your car - see the choice of coloured click-on skins available in our buy-onlinesection.

6. PhantomALERT GPS uses the USA,Canada's premier database of fixed speed cameras and is easily updated via theInternet.

Inforad-06.gifYour PhantomALERT GPS comes ready loaded with the industrystandard fixed speed camera and accident black spot database. It covers all ofthe USA, Canada and is expanding to cover most of Europe.

The database is updated daily and you can refreshyour copy of it by simply connecting your PhantomALERT GPS to your computer.

The PhantomALERT GPS V3 can also be used as a GPS receiver enabling it to act as a tracker for use in your car, boat etc.

As it is NMEA-0183 v2.0 compatible, you can connect it to a computer and enable the use of navigation software's.


  • Product Dimensions: (H) 7cm x (W) 7cm x (D) 1.5cm
  • Box Dimensions: (H) 12cm x (W) 12cm x (D) 12cm
  • Package Weight: 289g
  • Power Requirements: Cigarette Lighter (Included)

GPS Helps Avoid A Ticket

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