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1. Type:        Red Light Camera

  Location:    N Tatum Blvd, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

  Speed Limit: 35 MPH

  Fine:        $100

  Comment:     Newer white box with extended strobe arm.  On drivers side on N. Conduit just before reaching 114th St and Aqueduct Race Track.

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2. Type:        Speed Trap: Cop Car

  Location:    United States Highway 190, Lampasas, TX 76550

  Speed Limit: 40 MPH

  Fine:        $217

 Comment: Multiple cops standing outside of one or two cars in morning and afternoon, usually one holding a radar gun and others flagging multiple drivers down at once. it's a wide open, fairly low traffic access road. The speed limit is 40 -they flagged me down (along with several other cars that had just passed me) said I was doing 50 (although I was only doing 45). Cost $217 in court costs for deferred adjudication (first ticket I'd had in years).

  Download here:

3. Type:         Speed Trap: Motorcycle Cop

  Location:    South Bound I 395 between Duke St and Glebe Road Exit, Arlington, VA 22302

  Speed Limit: 55 MPH

  Fine:        $185

 Comment: Parked behind concrete barrier on North bound side of I-35E.

 Download here:

4. Type:        Speed Trap: Mobile Speed Camera

  Location:    700 Block of South Dakota Avenue, Washington DC 20018

  Speed Limit: 25 MPH

  Fine:        $100 - $200

 Comment:     Unmarked mobile speed camera unit. Daily from 3PM – 9PM. Parked on the side of the street behind bushes. You wont see him until it si too late. If you see a bright flash in front of you slow down fast. If you see the flash in your rearview mirror, SMILE you just got tagged. Expect a ticket in with in 30 days.

  Download here:

5. Type:        Red light Camera

  Location:    Bear Valley Rd, Wildomar, CA 92395

  Speed Limit: 50 Mph

  Fine:        $217

 Comment:     Very short yellow light. Totally unfair. You either slam your breaks and hope you do not get rear ended or pay $380.00 + points.

   Download here:

6. Type:       Speed Trap

  Location:    I 95 North between BWI and Columbia Exits, MD 27200

  Speed Limit: 55 Mph

  Fine:        $277

 Comment:     This is a regular hot-spot used by MD State Police...multiple cruisers park on I95 Northbound just under the Meadowridge Road overpass, left lane is the target and patrols are on duty here regularly.

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