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Customer Testimonials
Seattle Driver, Garmin Print E-mail
NYC Driver, Garmin Print E-mail
Former Police Officer Print E-mail

I first heard about Phantom Alert while researching red light detectors online. I was preparing to travel to a major metropolitan area to have wheel chair modifications preformed on my van. I didn’t know if that particular city used red light cameras, but I wanted to be as safe and prepared as possible. I had been shopping for stand alone red light detectors that sit on your dash, but was pretty intrigued when I read about Phantom Alert and realized that it could turn my GPS into an all around safety detector warning me of not only red light cameras, but also railroad crossings and school zones.  Not only did Phantom Alert keep me aware of my surroundings, during my trip but the periodic alerts helped keep me awake on the road. It preformed perfectly.

Jean ('J') Feuillet, CIPS, SFR Print E-mail
As a Realtor? I am often on the road with clients showing them properties around town. Driving a yellow Mustang makes me a great ticket magnet and to protect myself and others I purchased the lifetime service of I found out about PA from an article about Senators who wanted Apple to remove a group of apps that were showing where speed traps, DUI checkpoints and red-light cameras where located. They were wrong in my opinion and when I looked into PhantomAlert I saw that this company used people-power to run their apps on SmartPhones and all types of GPS. I bought the lifetime subscription because I figured that helping PA financially would also help me save money. I am glad I bought this subscription and it has saved me hundreds of dollars. I wish I could write that red-light cameras save lives but it would be a lie.
Jay A. Roskoph Print E-mail

I am a coach tour bus driver from Cleveland Ohio. Someone from the office gave me a newspaper  article about Phantom Alert. I downloaded the app. to my droid x 2. I have used it for over a year and it has saved me from getting into trouble and tickets.

Driving a bus in rural areas you come across railroad crossing that's not safe to cross with a bus, the tracks are to high and the bus will bottom out and get stuck on the tracks. Phantom  Alert has saved me from A. a ticket. B a towing charge. ($300.00 and up). C. damage to the bus and passengers. D. getting fired. When Phantom Alert tells me of RR tracks I try to avoid them or check my smart phone to see if it is safe to cross.

Ralph Ganoe, Maryland Print E-mail
Jacques H Croom, MD Print E-mail

This is a message to Mr. Joe Scott.  I had written and called earlier in the month to express my thanks for an outstanding product.  I even had the opportunity to talk to the young lady who set up and ran your recent on-line survey.  Yesterday, I had resolved what was, for me, a very vexing problem regarding the audible alert for the POIs.  I was fortunate enough to be put in contact with Mr. Robert Anderson of your Help Desk staff.  In a matter of moments he was able to "take over" my computer and to do what needed to be done.

It is so refreshing to be able to call a Help Desk and actually talk to someone who knows what to do. In my humble opinion, people like Mr. Anderson are an important ingredient in the success of your company.

Jacques H Croom, MD


Nate, Maryland Print E-mail
I am a pharmaceutical sales rep and I drive all over DC, VA and MD all day long. I see speed traps and cameras everywhere and I have gotten my share of tickets. I heard about your service on FOX 5 and I literally run to my computer to check out your website. I was sold immediately. I am sure your PhantomAlert will put a stop to any more tickets. I love the fact that I can now use my GPS to keep track of all the areas I need to slow down at. I have been using it for a few months now and I just love it. It’s just reassuring to know that I will get an alert whenever I near a speed trap or speed camera area. I have noticed I am more alert and relaxed now that I know my Garmin will tell me when I need to slow down. I have recommended your service to all my coworkers who have lead feet. Please get more people involved.

Nate, Maryland

Device: Garmin
William G, Arizona Print E-mail

I am using PhantomALERT with my Garmin GPS unit and have been very satisfied with the results. It’s especially helpful when I travel outside my home territory on roads that I’m not familiar with. Thanks again for your help.

William G, Arizona
Device: Garmin

Ken K., Oakton, Virginia Print E-mail

First, I am really enjoying my PhantomALERT on my new Garmin.  Thanks!  I make a note when I don’t see the red light camera I am being warned about so I can verify its location when I return to my home.  Then I print out the image so next time I pass that intersection I can look more closely.  Again, thanks!

Ken K., Oakton, VA
Device: Garmin

Alex H., Maryland Print E-mail

Just wanted to drop you a quick note.  I’m in sales, cover the DC/MD region and a road warrior. Recently, I received a notice from the car company our firm uses for company cars, that my registration was up for renewal and that I needed to take care of a violation. Thinking that I forgot a parking ticket I found out that I actually had 4 speeding tickets from cameras. These cameras are in Montgomery County, MD. In order to get my registration renewed, I had to shell out $ 205.00 for the four tickets!

Alex, Maryland
Device: Garmin

Hyol Lee, Washington DC Print E-mail

You guys are doing an amazing job. I love the fact that the database is updated by drivers who have intimate knowledge of the locations they are reporting on. I myself have reported half a dozen speed traps and red light cameras in my area. I have also verified some speed traps and camera locations that were already reported by other drivers. I love the community aspect of it. It’s like each driver is responsible for mapping his or her own back yard and sharing it with other drivers from different parts of the city or state. When you multiply that by thousands of drivers reporting and verifying locations it makes for a credible database. Genius.

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