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Earn up to 100% ROI by Helping Drivers Avoid Tickets.
100% Legal.

As you know, a GPS is no longer just for navigation. It can help you avoid your next traffic ticket. The addition of our PhantomALERT database will help GPS owners avoid costly tickets and make them safer drivers. Most GPS units are usually stored in the glove box until they are needed for navigation. Now, with the ever increasing proliferation of speed traps, red light cameras, speed cameras, in tandem with the ease with which GPS units can add detection functionality; consumer demand for add-on speed trap location database is rising.

How PhantomALERT Works.

First, drivers & spotters report speed traps & photo enforcement locations on our website. Then drivers simply download our enforcement location database in to their GPS. While driving they receive audio and visual alerts every time they approach enforcement areas giving them enough time to adjust their driving habits to avoid costly traffic tickets. Our database transforms most GPS devices into a powerful Speed Trap, Red Light Camera, Speed Camera, School Zone and DUI Checkpoint alert system. It is so effective even Police approve and it's 100% Legal. To date, thousands of GPS owners have downloaded our 106,000 + PhantomALERT speed trap and red-light camera database locations from our website. Please watch this short video to see the PhantomALERT in action.



 Dealer Testimonials

  Sean Hennessy: Washington DC.
  $500 / week PROFIT.
I ordered 10 Lifetime Cards and sold-out in one week.
MSRP $99.99.
Weekly profit $500.
Projected revenue by end of year $26,000
  Brian Wright:Texas
  $259.87 / PROFIT in three days.
MSRP $39.99.
Projected revenue by end of year $31,617.51.

What's In It For Resellers? 100% ROI.

Offer PhantomALERT database to your GPS customers and your sales will increase. We can provide our product in several convenient ways, both online and offline. We can set up an affiliate program ID for you so that buyers use your unique ID when ordering and we pay you a 50% commission on every database sale, or for 100% ROI you can offer offline sales in the form of pre-paid cards, each with a unique pin code similar to a phone card which the buyer would use to download the database into their GPS. Our database is compatible with Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, Mio and other PNDs.


  1. You buy PhantomAlert SmartGPS Pin cards from us at a deep discount.
  2. You sell cards to anyone that has a GPS device like a Garmin, TomTom, Magellan.
  3. Customers use pin card to access and down load PhantomAlert M.A.D. speed trap and photo enforcement POI in their GPS.
  4. You earn 100% ROI (return on your investment)
  5. Your customers avoid costly traffic tickets and fall in love with their GPS.
  6. You Repeat steps 1-5 to retire early.

With just a few sales a day from simple networking with friends to Craig’s list marketing or E-bay, you could be making 1$$’s of extra dollars in income.

Please feel free to contact me to learn more about PhantomALERT and discuss product options and how we can start working together. We can help you deploy quickly and start increasing your GPS sales in just days with the hottest GPS accessory on the market! Contact our Offline Program Manager Paul Jonson to learn more and get started today!

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Join us now. Drivers are looking for relief from a slowing economy and unjust traffic tickets they simply can't afford.   The market is huge and the demand is evident. Within the next few years there will be over 100,000,000 GPS enabled units on the road.

We're offering select partners 50% off our current web retail pricing so there's lots of room for profit. We offer smooth customer friendly support and a 30 day money back guarantee. We can provide digital POS assistance and the support you need to make this new program an immediate success.

Please feel free to contact me to learn more about PhantomALERT and discuss product options and how we can start working together.  We can help you deploy quickly and start increasing your GPS sales in just days with the hottest GPS accessory on the market! 

Paul Johnson
Sales Manager 
Direct: 540 429 1516
Fax:  800 919 6092

Become A Dealer
Earn Upto 100% ROI By Helping Drivers Avoid Traffic Tickets Print
Paul Johnson

Telephone: 540 429 1516
Fax: 800 919 6092


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